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Trench Cutting & Back Fill ​

When it comes to any construction or infrastructural project, trenches play a vital role. They are used to place obstructive infrastructures or utilities (such as gas mains, water mains or telephone mines) that can be prone to damage, underground.
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Geotechnical Sampling
(SPT Test)​

Geotechnical sampling or Standard Penetration Test (SPT) is an in-situ dynamic penetration test designed to provide information on the geotechnical engineering properties of soil. 
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Structural Reinforcement

Structural reinforcement provides for increased load capacities in existing buildings and structures or their individual parts.
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Concrete Forming

Concrete forms are solid barriers that hold concrete in place or forces concrete to assume a certain shape. Forms hold newly-poured concrete in place while it dries and hardens. 
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Heavy Duty Demolition...

At PSCO, we understand that the start of any exciting and promising project starts with demolition and/or excavation.
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Crack Detection & Monitoring

Concrete cracking could occur from many causes such as: drying shrinkage, thermal stresses and ...
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