We provide professional and technical Civil Engineering and Construction services, solutions and consultation.

Our Passion

With more than 30 years of experience in Canada and worldwide, our passion is to provide key civil engineering and construction services, in building and maintaining highly complex and advanced infrastructures. 

The road to success
is ALWAYS under construction



  • Trench Cutting & Back Fill
  • Geotechnical Sampling (SPT Test)
  • Structural Reinforcement 
  • Concrete Forming
  • GPR Scanning
  • Heavy Duty Demolition
  • Crack Detection & Monitoring
PSCO Design

Design & Build

  • Architectural Design 
  • Structural Design 
  • Mechanical Design 
  • Interior Design 
  • Residential Construction
  • Commercial Construction
  • Steel Frame Construction
PSCO- Wood Wall

Repair & Maintenance

  • Concrete Crack Detection & Repair 
  • Retaining Wall Repair 
  • Structural Repair & Reinforcement 
  • Parking Garage Repair 
  • Electrical Retrofit
  • HVAC Retrofit
  • Stairwell Repair
  • Concrete Protection & Waterproofing